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The avant-garde of style or Polish-Lithuanian dimension of artrecycling

The main purpose of the project is to integrate socially unadaptable  young people  from Polish and Lithuanian centres and also to form pro ecological approach to everyday life. The indirect purpose is to continue actions from the last year oriented to mutual learning of culture, customs and languages of both nations. It is also important to promote the idea of cooperation between Poland and Lithuania in local communities  where both centres are situated. The girls at the age of 13 -18 from
Education and Social Readaptation Youth Centre  in Goniądz and 2 resocialization  centres from Lithuania  Kauno vaiku socializacijos centres and Vilniaus vaiku socializacijos centres are beneficiaries of the project. All the classes will be organized in  mixed groups of Polish and Lithuanian girls. They will be oriented to encourage girls to discover own potentials and to form individual and social  competencies.  The actions are based on the use of  two trends trasion and recyclart which exist in modern fashion, design and art. Due to the use of own creativity and second-hand material the girls will give worn out objects a new dimension.   What is more, they will create pieces of art and items of clothing and jewellery. There will be also the integration and intercultural classes , competitions and games the aim of which is  to learn the Polish, Lithuanian and English languages.  The project constitutes a novel approach to resocialization process  by using ecology as a form of educational work. A ceremonial exhibition for local community of Goniądz, where the project and the girls' products will be presented, will be a summary of the project.  

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